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Deliver more value to your workplace.

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Deliver more value to your workplace.

Optimize services and maximize value with Intelligent Delivery Lockers

Get efficient and convenient drop-off and pick-up with a scalable, and customizable electronic locker system that gives both onsite, remote workers and visitors a space of their own. Packages are delivered into an electronic locker, and notifications are sent to the recipients with a special unlock code to pick up their items at their convenience.

Our high-tech package lockers, called PoDs, keep parcels safe and secure. The software powering the PoDs automates pick-up and drop-offs for couriers, and employees.

Key features and benefits:

- Customizable locker configurations allow you to create your own bank that fits your unique space and package management needs

- Automation technology eliminates the need for staff to sort and deliver packages

- Secure PoDs solve package theft issues

- Robust administrative tools create chain of custody reports and other powerful metrics to better inform big decisions

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Receiving Technology

Key Features:
• Courier Reconcile

- Start chain of custody once packages are delivered

• Release to Recipient

-Multiple delivery options from desk to mailroom to smart

• Priority Delivery

- Manage high priority deliveries before 10:00AM daily

• Office Maintenance

- Conference room cleanup

- Printer and copy machine maintenance

- Kitchen cleanup and maintenance

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Save Your Staff Time

Completely automate package and delivery receiving and overhead from delivering packages to residents!

Empower Your Stakeholders

Give your stakeholders 24/7 access to their receive deliveries and make it simple for them to ship deliveries.

Improve Security

Smiota's package locker and mailroom software solutions offer complete chain-of-custody and security feature so make sure deliveries are never lost!

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