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The Millennium Group is a powerful and experienced resource for Higher Education.
With numerous clients, we successfully reduce operating costs and enhance business support services. 


For one university with multiple campuses, The Millennium Group supports:

  • Administrative & Faculty Mail Services
  • Student Mail Services
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • On & Off Campus Distribution
  • Warehouse Storage & Management
  • Print Center Management
  • Fleet MFP support

Client Challenges:

  • Keep operating costs at a minimum while supporting student and faculty needs with a high quality of service
  • Keep University resources focused on education
  • Access the latest technologies, and operating approaches

Our Solution:

Our top-tier professionals, experienced management and robust technologies. Accomplishments include:

  • Reduced postage expenses with the utilization of a custom designed USPS co-mingling program
  • Renegotiated Flat Mail charges from consolidator resulting in annual savings
  • Renegotiated UPS express package shipping rates resulting in a 28% savings
  • Utilized The Millennium Group’s off-campus mailing services to cleanse the university’s mailing database, reducing the percentage of undeliverable direct mail pieces
  • Green initiative – Mail amnesty program – reduced “junk” mail and yielded annual savings
  • Designed Intelligent Mail Barcode for new envelopes that enabled the university to take advantage of automated discounts from the USPS
  • Enrolled the university in Reply Rides Free program through USPS resulting in a savings
  • Consolidated several postage permits providing undocumented cost savings and process efficiency
  • Deployed new digital color production printers for high quality output from the print center
  • Redesigned student mail room and implemented package control procedures for mail accountability
  • Deployed web based receiving and tracking technology to provide a full chain of custody on all student and university receivables

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